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Dental Hygiene

This is an  important issue  and one that is easy to do yet many people  underestimate the importance of a daily oral hygiene routine .Following a daily routine means  that you are reducing yor risk of tooth decay and gum disease  as well as  ensuring  that your teeth remain  clean, healthy and attractive looking.

The main aim of a dental  hygiene routine  is to prevent  the build up of a sticky sunbtance called plaque which forms on the surface  of the teeth. This substance is created when foods broken down into starches  and sugars release this substance .Plaque takes the form of a sticky film which easily adheres to the teeth.This can be removed by brushing the teeth but it needs to be done on a regular basis .If not  then it allows the plaque time to build up no the surface of the tooth where it attacks the hard coating of the tooth(known as enamel)

A build up of plaque leads to other conditions such as  periodontitis, gingivitis and tartar.


A  good dental hygiene routine  shoul be carried out every day and include the following items/actions :

Tooth brushing


Interproximal Brushing

A daily dental routine  should start  from childhood.

We must choose a healthy diet which is high  in   protein , carbonhydrates(starches not sugars ) and fibre  and low in saturated  fat and sugar.

Try to avoid sugary drinks and snacks in between meals .If this is difficult then minimise your in take and switch to fresh fruit instead.