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Dental Fear And Dental Phobia

If you have dental fear  or dental phobia  you can have  Oral Sedation or General  Anaesthetic.

Sedation is a commonly used procedure  which involves the use of medication  to relax the patient  whilst  undergoing dental treatment .There are  several types of sedation  which include oral sedation ,Intra  Venous Sedation and   Inhalation Sedation .

Sedation does not mean that the patient is asleep.What it does mean however  is that the person is drowsy and relaxed but is stil aware of their surroundings.Plus it is useful for people  who are afraid of the dentist  are unlikely  to cooperate  or undergo treatment whilst they have this fear.Sedation will help them to relax and ensure that treatment progresses smoothly and efficiently.

If a person is not suitable for then the other option is a GENERAL ANAESTHETIC.

This means that the person is unconscious throughout the procedure and the effects will take several hours to wear off.


This form of sedation takes the form of a tablet or capsule which is taken  by mouth.You are  required to take this medication  a few hours before your treatment  so do not drive or drink alcohol during this time.Follow the instructions given by  the dentist and ask someone to drive you home afterwards.You will find that you are very sleepy and remain in this state for several hours afterwards.Do not return to work until the following day.


This medication dampens down your senses so youwill have reduced reponses to pain, smells and sounds .They also cause a mild  form of amnesia so you may not remember a great deal about your treatment.If you are taking any medication  then mention this  before being prescribed an oral sedative .Plus also mention if you have an allergy to certain types of medication.

Oral sedation is not suitable for every patient.


Most people are familiar with general anaesthesia which is useful ina range of treatments in both medicine and dentistry.It is administered to people who for a variety of reasons are unable to have sedation ora re about to undergo a complex procedure.

Children  and teenagers  often have a general anaesthetic for a  dental procedure as this can ensure that the procedure passes without a hitch.

It is also an option for people with a dental phobia.


This is a type of drug which when  administrated renders the patient unconscious.This means that they are  totally unaware of of their suroundings do not remember anything about their procedure .It is designed as  a form of pain relief.Alternatives to this are local anaesthetic and sedation dentistry.

General anaesthesia was a common feature of dental treatment many years ago but is rarely used today.There are several reasons for  that which includes a small risk of complications.

But general anaesthesia is very safe and is administrated under tightly controlled conditions bya qualified  anaesthetist.